Olympic Games for the Family at the Second Annual River Valley Festival!

We have an exciting announcement for the second annual River Valley Festival: For the first time, we will be holding the River Valley Olympics! Kids will have the opportunity to compete in the following games:

  • Achilles Fleet of Foot Race: Be the first to sprint to the finish line to earn the title “Achilles Fleet of Foot.”
  • Cerberus’s Race: In honor of Cerberus, the three-headed dog, you and your friends will compete in a four-legged race.
  • Anchises’s Carry: Carry your partner on your back. Don’t drop him, or he may do the same to you.
  • Discobolus’s Throw: Throw the discus (frisbee) and hit the target.
  • Strength of Hercules: Gather everyone for this team tug-of-war.


There will be multiple age groups competing in each competition. Following the olympic games, we will award our winners!

In addition to the River Valley Olympics, we will have plenty of other fun activities for your children to enjoy, including the following:

  • Rugby handball
  • Bubble Making
  • Soccer
  • Face Painting
  • Sidewalk Chalk Drawing
  • Juggling instruction


The fun does not stop with these great kids activities–we have shows the entire family will enjoy. Don’t miss the juggling show from St. Julian’s International Juggling troupe and an Irish dance performance from local Irish dancers “Jig N Jive.” Tell your friends and family about this year’s River Valley Festival and invite them to sign up on our website and like us on Facebook so they won’t miss our awesome $5 admission deal.

See you on October 3!