River Valley Festival celebrates the long and storied tradition of Virginia beer. Indeed, the Founding Fathers were avid brewers and well understood the fortifying and uplifting nature of this foundational spirit. The Festival offers a varied selection of local craft brews for our attendees to imbibe and enjoy, with hopes that there may be a more widespread appreciation of the enchanting story Virginia beer has to tell.

Beer List

Unfortunately, we do not know our Beer Selection until 1 week before the event. You can view the list below to see what types of craft beer are usually available. All beers will be from Virginia Breweries.

Devil’s Backbone 8 Point Beer List

A cornucopia of hop varieties imparts a floral-citrus aroma and a crisp bitterness to this medium-bodied ale. Concocted from Pilsen and a dash of Caramel malts, this burnished-golden brew has a sweet malt backbone for balance. IBUs – 60, ABV – 5.9%

Devil’s Backbone Vienna

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager, 2012 Gold World Beer Cup and 2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner, is a chestnut colored lager with a malty aroma and subtle toasty sweetness derived from a multi-stage mash. A pinch of noble hops gives this refreshing beer a clean finish. IBUs – 18, ABV – 4.9%

Blue Mountain: Kolsch 151

A light German-style ale indigenous to K├Âln (Cologne), Germany.  This ale is treated like a lager, undergoing extensive cold aging to produce a clean, crisp beer.  German Pilsen and Vienna malts are balanced with hops from the Hallertau region.

Port City Porter

Smooth and silky, our flagship Porter is sure to wrap you up in its complexity and invite you back again and again for another taste of its robust flavors.

Star Hill: The Love

 An unfiltered wheat beer or a German-style Hefeweizen. It is distinguished by its extreme light body and fruity aroma, finished with spicy notes.

Port City Downright  Pilsner

Downright┬« Pilsner is a deep golden color and medium bodied, with a soft round malt profile and crisp and spicy hop character on the finish. This lager is brewed in the traditional Pilsner style, using authentic Pilsner malt and noble Saaz hops. The beer’s carbonates  completely naturally as it lagers in our fermentation tanks for six weeks.

A unique twist to Downright is the dry hop addition of Saaz hops. This additional infusion of hops gives the beer an extra refreshing bite on the finish. Downright Pilsner done right

Lost Rhino: Face Plant IPA

A strong, malty backbone balances the mountain of whole cone hops we pack into our American Style IPA. Moderate grapefruit bitterness and herbal aromas take your pallet for a ride.

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