What is the River Valley Festival?

The River Valley Festival is a cultural festival located in Front Royal, VA. Our goal is to promote Virginia culture in the form of live bluegrass music, local craft beer and wines from the surrounding vineyards and breweries and pit-roasted meats from local farms.

Who started the festival and why did they start it?

The River Valley Festival was started in 2014 by graduates of Christendom College and Alumni of St. Gregory’s Academy. The goal was to help encourage the entire community to celebrate the good which the Shenandoah Valley has to offer. The hope is that through the growth and continuation of this event, that Front Royal will be the lead promoter of culture in Northern Virginia.

Who benefits from the River Valley Festival?

The River Valley Festival will help the community by giving locals the opportunity to attend a family-friendly festival, which promotes Virginia culture and local Virginia businesses. Cost of attendance is only $15 per adult while 16 and under enter free of charge.

Who is putting on the event and who receives the proceeds?

The Clairvaux Institute along with our community sponsors is putting on the event. The Clairvaux Institute will receive all proceeds from the River Valley Festival.

What is the Clairvaux Institute?

Clairvaux Institute, a 501 (c) 3 organization. It is an educational foundation dedicated to revitalizing society by returning to the sources of culture. The return of language to the elevation of poetry. The return of the individual to the completion of community. The return of nature to the care of human stewardship. The return of humanity to the splendor of the sacred. Clairvaux’s vision of culture is based on the revitalization of these four principles that are essential to a healthy culture. Our current project is to help financially support Gregory the Great Academy.

Live Folk Music Pit-Roasted Pork, Beef & Chicken Craft Beer & Wine Celebrating Local Artists & Craftsmen