Bands at the 5th Annual River Valley Festival

Marie Miller is a songwriter and recording artist living in Nashville, TN. Growing up in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, the third of ten children, Miller began singing at the age of seven. Her song “You’re Not Alone” was played nationwide on, and her song “6’2” was featured on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. In September 2015 she performed for Pope Francis and 750,000 attendees in Philadelphia, PA. The performance was aired live on CNN and Fox News.

Our Second band, The Plate Scrapersoriginated in 2014 in western Maryland the way any good bluegrass band does: from a bunch of fellers pickin’ around in a circle, surrounded by delicious plates of food, strong libations, and good friends. The traditional spirit of The Plate Scrapers is still innately intact nearly half a decade later, though they have evolved into far more than your average bluegrass band, through diverse backgrounds and influences.  The Plate Scrapers’ songwriting is the identifying characteristic of the band. Complimenting writing styles from multiple members offer a tasteful balance and refreshing diversity to their sound, a diversity which they thoroughly exercise.  Crafted musicianship and creative chemistry on stage guarantees that each performance is a new experience.

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See you September 28th!